Celtic Cross Stitch Patterns & Designs

Celtic Art in Cross Stitch

A Brief Introduction to the History of Celtic Art in Cross Stitch & Modern Celtic Ideas And Designs

Over the centuries Celts are famous for their obscure art patterns. These elaborated celtic art in cross stitch are praised all over the world. Celts were not exactly a nation; they are more generally described as tribes. These tribes were ruled by Kings, Queens and Chieftains. They have roots spread all over the Europe and even in some parts of Asia. It is stated in the history that for centuries they have ruled over Britain, Italy, Spain, Germany and Turkey. Their itinerant souls made them spread their rich culture all over the world. This is the reason why Celtic art is still alive and appraised all over the world. This art is known to be at least 25 centuries old. Some celtic cross stitch patterns are found which are from 500 B.C.



Celts were significantly recognized for their creativity and décor of their belongings. Their possessions were festooned with obscure patterns. They used to make their typical patterns on their swords, shields, daggers, vessels, utensils, clothes, body tattoos, tapestries even on their walls. There were various methods to transform their creativity into a visual form. They made jewellery, engraved their swords and shields, had tattoos on their bodies, did embroideries. Celts are still known to believe the mystic nature. They had myths and stories in which they portrayed mythological creatures. These creatures were commonly portrayed in their art ornaments.


In the modern era Celtic art has been limited to only a few things. Swords, shields and other armory products are long lost. But we still have their patterns in the form of embroideries and tattoos. These patterns are also introduced into few things that were originally not a part of their heritage, for example clip arts, illustrations and stamps.


In traditional English, Irish, Spanish or German families it is for sure that you will find a typical Celtic cross stitch pattern in their home. Whether it is the tapestry or a bed spread, a wall hanging or a tea cosy cover. These patterns have followed generations after generations and are still popular in a particular class who has a taste for classic and ethnic art. Celtic art is so unique and extravagant that it has kept its originality even after centuries.


Cross stitch is an art that brings us a wide range of ideas and products. Its trouble-free creation gives us opportunity to make anything out of a simple pattern. Even simple lines with bold and rich colors made with cross stitch are able to get attention from an art lover, what to talk of the Celtic cross stitch patterns. Celtic cross stitch patterns are bold, striking and simply bizarre. These patterns not necessarily intricate are easily available. There are patterns for beginners to experts. They come in a wide range of patterns suitable for the occasion or the product. From celtic alphabets to animals, from knots to spirals; you can get whatever you like in the Celtic cross stitch patterns.


Want to surprise your friends with your new ultra hip shirt with a mystic knot on it? Or you want to make a wall hanging welcoming your guests in your home. Whatever you want you have the right choice to make an ordinary thing into a special one… Celtic cross stitch.