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Celtic Cross Stitch Alphabet

Alphabetical Styles of Celtic Cross Stitch

As we all know that Celts were not a nation on its own, they were a tribe. Tribe famous for their warrior ship, arts and traditions. Thought Celts never had their own written language and alphabets. They ruled so many European countries and hence adapted the English alphabets in their usage. They adorned the normal English alphabets with their own creativity. They embellished the straight lines with curves and intertwining patterns. They made normal alphabets look so charming that people used to do embroideries for simple phrases instead of writing or painting them. Celts had no doubt a magic in their culture. Their traditions and their art were capable of masking any other art. For more information on the history of celtic art in cross stitch, go here.


Now we have many patterns to adorn a simple alphabet with intricate details and gild it. Thanks to the internet we can access many of the things which we were unable to do before. You can get any pattern or a chart for Celtic cross stitch alphabets.

Even free chart generators are available in websites, so that you can get a pattern for a whole phrase or your complete name, without doing an extra effort or spending a single penny. You can search on your own to find some of the sites with free celtic patterns and charts for Celtic cross stitch alphabets or you can visit any of the sites given below. 

   Example of Celtic Cross Stich Alphabet


It has a book named as Celtic cross stitch. Alphabets, animals, knotworks and many other projects and charts are there in it.




This website has many charts and patterns available. It also has free cross stitch chart generator in it. They also have monthly competitions and free draws in it. You can generate alphabets and phrases in the free chart generator and you can use the premade alphabets in the site.


This site is a very good one for alphabets. It has 6 alphabet designs and patterns in a pattern library. This site is very good option for all those who are fond of Celtic cross stitch art and designs.



You can get Celtic cross stitch samplers and kits on this site. You can choose from patterns and clip arts shown. Great site if you have money in your pocket. Enjoy shopping!!!!



It has a wide variety of cross stitch patterns available in it. It has celebrity cross stitch patterns, Cross stitch alphabets patterns, Book mark patterns and many more available in it.



Patterns for Celtic cross stitch alphabets, knots, animals, phrases and many more patterns are used in this site.





A lovely site which has striking patterns for all the Celtic designs.



These are few of the sites that you can go and check for alphabetical styles. So why don’t you stitch your name in one of these alphabetical styles. Or you can write anything for anyone, at any occasion. Make them on Father’s day, Mother’s day, Christmas, New Year, or on your friend’s birthday. Hope you’ll enjoy working with it.