Celtic Cross Stitch Patterns & Designs

Celtic Cross Stitch Chart

Getting Ideal Patterns & Designs From Celtic Cross Stitch Chart

celtic cross stitch chartCeltic cross stitch patterns are available every where. In markets, in bookstore, online or you can borrow it from your friend if she has one. These patterns come in the form of celtic cross stitch charts.

These charts are more or less like graph papers, with small regular boxes all over. These boxes are filled with colors to make a pattern. If black and white these boxes have different symbols to show an individual color. These celtic pattern charts are easily transferred to the fabric by counting and following the color pattern.

Generally one square on the chart is equivalent to one square on the celtic fabric. If not so, the scale is given on the side of the chart on the paper. You can get several chart patterns on internet and purchase them or download them for free. Here I’ll tell you few places where you can get celtic pattern charts of your choice. 

Aon Celtic

This site has some wonderful Cross stitch patterns and clip arts. Celtic artist Cari Buziak offers over 850 FREE Celtic clip art designs, cross stitch patterns, and Celtic fonts. You can even avail Cross stitch patterns. These charts are colored so you don’t have to worry about the coloring of the pattern. You can choose any fabric and any of the threads; depending upon your personal preferences.

Celtic Cross Stitch

This page is an ideal site for the beginners. It has free patterns and the method to show how to do cross stitch. The best part is that it has a free chart generator. Now you can get the pattern of your choice through chart generator. 


Gold Cup

This site is basically a software website but it also offers Celtic cross stitch charts that can be printed. These charts are colored so you can now get a colored copy of your favorite pattern on the site.


TW Design works

This page offers a free Celtic cross pattern that would look great as a Christmas ornament or on St. Patrick’s Day. This site offers many projects that you might be looking for. Ideas for little coasters, gift bags, greeting cards and many more things. Just pay a visit to it.


"Celtic or Knot"
Celtic and Fantasy Clipart by Howard Oliver. A lovely site for all those who have appreciation for Celtic art and are looking for this to get from any where.


Dave's Cave
Celtic knot work pictures, art, designs and clipart, free software, poetry and spiritual philosophy. A great site for Celtic art lovers. You can lay your hands on any of these projects.


If you don’t find what you are looking for on any of the mentioned sites, you can use search engines to guide you to several other websites. I hope you can get what you want. Once you have a pattern of your choice, you can print it and get supplies according to it. You can even get your free chart pattern on chart generators available for free on internet.