Celtic Cross Stitch Patterns & Designs

Introduction to Celtic Cross Stitch Embroidery

Simple Celtic Introduction And Basic Instruction To Get Started In Celtic Cross Embroidery

celtic cross stitch embroideryEvery one of us has a little artist breathing inside us. Some of us have time to bring it out in front of the people and some of us are either too busy or are too shy to try the worth of our diminutive artist within us. Hobbies are actually what the secret artist likes to pursue in. Music, writing, painting, sketching, collecting different things and off course embroidery. Celtic Embroidery is a very artistic mean of showing your art in the form of colorful cross stitch projects. It is more or less like drawing, painting or sketching just a little more creative. Embroidery is like drawing a thing with the needle and thread instead of pencil and colors. Embroidery is a very ancient art. People even in Stone Age used to make patterns with bone needles and strips of leather. Now we have a wide range of fabrics, threads and patterns to choose from.


Celtic Cross Stitch Embroidery is a fun to do hobby. We can make anything; animals, flowers, sceneries, patterns and anything around us. And we can do this embroidery on anything; our clothes, bags, bed spreads, cushions, napkins, covers of things, wall hangings and on anything that can be made with a piece of cloth.


To start your favorite Celtic pattern you need to have all the cross stitch supplies and tools that you will require in completing a project for your cross stitch embroidery. A Celtic cross stitch embroidery pattern of your choice, fabric for cross stitch, embroidery threads, needles and an embroidery frame. You can choose between Aida, Even weave linen, Jobelan, Zweigart Linda and Stitching paper as a fabric or paper for your project. Similarly in threads you have to opt from Standard cotton threads, Perle/Perl cotton threads, DMC Soft cotton threads, Silk threads, Metallic and blended threads and or wool yarns. You can even use more than one type of threads in the project depending upon the pattern you desire to make. In needles you can choose from nickel plated or gold plated needles. Generally a blunt edged needle with size 24 or 26 is used to make a standard cross stitch pattern.


Celtic cross stitch embroidery is praised all over the world for its unique and intricate cross stitch knots and interlacing patterns. Though this ethnic embroidery is done all over the world due to easy availability of patterns, but it is considered to be a special part of heritage in English, Italians, Spanish and Germans. You can also read the history of celtic cross stitch here. 


English ladies in particular are very fond of cross stitch embroideries and expressly they have a classic taste for the extraordinary Celtic patterns. Celts were tremendously famous for their patterns. They had patterns on their day to day products.


It is not necessary that you have complete knowledge of Celtic art to start Celtic cross stitch embroidery. Even a word of mouth for Celtic cross stitch embroidery can build your interest to start your Celtic cross stitch embroidery. You can get the celtic embroidery pattern easily from pattern books and even online. There is an addiction to this art, once you have started it you can never stop. Want to try????