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Basic Cross Stitch Tools & Getting Complete Package For Your Embroidery

It is best for you to go to the super market and look around for the best Celtic cross stitch kit purchase you can afford and the celtic cross patterns you like. But if in case there are no available kits for you in the super store with Celtic cross stitch, you can look up in the internet for free. This also guides you the available types of celtic cross stitch kits and their money range.


celtic counted stitch kit  

You should know that these kits are a complete package for the celtic embroidery. It has everything you need for the given sample; Celtic Cross Stitch Pattern Chart, fabric, threads, needles. But you won’t get a hoop and scissors in it. You have to buy these things separately if you don’t have them already in your home. Right now I’m telling you about the few available kits on the internet.


·        Celtic cross stitch samplers  

$11.66 at eCampus.com

·        Celtic art in cross stitch

 $12.91 Overstock.com

·        Celtic cross stitch

 $12.10 Bookrenter.com

·        Celtic Art in Cross Stitch (Paperback (Trade Paper)) Designer Barbara Hammet combined both the practical and skill aspects of the embroidery.  This has various projects available and is widely appreciated one.

$15.05 at Bestprice.com

·        Cross Stitch - HAED - Celtic Witch This has several patterns for counted cross stitch embroideries, especially in Celtic and Irish art. Celtic Witch is an artwork by Jessica Galbreth - Enchanted Art and is adapted by Michele Sayetta for Heaven and Earth.

  $14.99 at Dark Lilac.

·        Counted Cross Stitch - Celtic Winter It has numerous Counted cross stitch designs and patterns. Celtic cross stitch charts are also available in it. Celtic Winter is designed by Marilyn Leavitt-   $16.00 at Dark Lilac.

·        Celtic Cross Stitch Over 40 Small Exciting and Innovative Projects ... Celtic Cross Stitch Over 40 Small Exciting and Innovative Projects 8220 is a worthy compilation of several small projects. These projects are colorful, striking and enchanting for every occasion.  These patterns are generally inspired by Celtic and Irish cross stitch embroideries.

  $11.26 at Bestprices.com

·        Counted Cross Stitch - Celtic Inspiration - Chart Inspired by Celtic cross stitch patterns and alphabets, including phrases. This kit particularly has cross stitch chart patterns in it.

$11.75 at Dark Lilac.

·        Cross Stitch - Vickery Collection - Celtic Birds Beautiful Celtic bird patterns are available in this. It has charts and patterns for counted cross stitch.

               $6.75 at Dark Lilac

·        Celtic Art in Cross Stitch The collection is extensively varied, ranging from a desk set embroided in black and terracotta to startling peacocks that would liven up any room, lounge or gallery.

               $12.92 at Buy.com

·        Celtic Cross Stitch Designs This is one of my favorites as it has extensive range of knots, spirals, braids, animals, plants, artifacts, and alphabets. Simply lovely.

               $11.59 at TextbookX.com


This is my brief survey over the project, just to give you an idea of the products available. There are countless options available for the kits. Look for the best celtic cross stitch kits that suits you most. Good luck!!!!!