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Finding Cross Stitch Samplers For Your Projects

celtic cross stitch samplersA word of appreciation for art never comes without mentioning the Celtic art of cross stitch. Celts are best known for their creativity, poetry, embroidery, pattern making, myths and stories. Extraordinary tribes, Celts were itinerant warriors. Due to their peripatetic nature they were believed to have roots all over Europe. History has never come across a tribe that was equally famous for their art as they were for their warrior ship. Even after 25 centuries we still have their creative art alive. 


Celtic cross stitch embroideries are predominantly a part of heritage in Irish, Scotts and Minx. These cross stitch patterns are excessively used in our day to day routines from cushion covers to tapestries, from tea cozies to spectacle’s covers, from clothes to wall hangings. We can find these patterns everywhere all around the world; online, in markets, in books, in kits and in art pattern guides. 


When looking for patterns you should keep in mind the project you need it for.  You can make anything with Celtic cross stitch samplers and kits. These sampler and kits can be of baby clothes, traditional dance shoes, floor cushions, square cushions, pillow covers, tea cosy covers, pencil cases, greeting cards, needle cushions, clothing items, handbags, pouches, wallets, tapestries, wall hangings, sceneries, text, phrases, door tags, book marks, file and notebook covers, curtain belts and mobile pouches.


There are so many ideas and projects available that I am literally stumbling while writing. You can get these kits and samplers for free or you can purchase them from following resources. 


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celtic cross stitch samplers


• Celtic cross stitch samplers
$11.66 at eCampus.com


• Celtic art in cross stitch
$12.91 Overstock.com


• Celtic cross stitch
$12.10 Bookrenter.com

• Celtic Art in Cross Stitch (Paperback (Trade Paper)) Designer Barbara Hammet combined both the practical and skill aspects of the embroidery. This has various projects available and is widely appreciated one.
$15.05 at Bestprice.com


• Cross Stitch - HAED - Celtic Witch This has several patterns for counted cross stitch embroideries, especially in Celtic and Irish art. Celtic Witch is an artwork by Jessica Galbreth - Enchanted Art and is adapted by Michele Sayetta for Heaven and Earth.
$14.99 at Dark Lilac.


• Counted Cross Stitch - Celtic Winter It has numerous Counted cross stitch designs and patterns. Celtic cross stitch charts are also available in it. Celtic Winter is designed by Marilyn Leavitt-
$16.00 at Dark Lilac.


• Celtic Cross Stitch Over 40 Small Exciting and Innovative Projects ... Celtic Cross Stitch Over 40 Small Exciting and Innovative Projects 8220 is a worthy compilation of several small projects. These projects are colorful, striking and enchanting for every occasion. These patterns are generally inspired by Celtic and Irish cross stitch embroideries.
$11.26 at Bestprices.com


• Counted Cross Stitch - Celtic Inspiration - Chart Inspired by Celtic cross stitch patterns and alphabets, including phrases. This kit particularly has cross stitch chart patterns in it.
$11.75 at Dark Lilac.


• Cross Stitch - Vickery Collection - Celtic Birds Beautiful Celtic bird patterns are available in this. It has charts and patterns for counted cross stitch.
$6.75 at Dark Lilac


• Celtic Art in Cross Stitch The collection is extensively varied, ranging from a desk set embroided in black and terracotta to startling peacocks that would liven up any room, lounge or gallery.
$12.92 at Buy.com


• Celtic Cross Stitch Designs This is one of my favorites as it has extensive range of knots, spirals, braids, animals, plants, artifacts, and alphabets. Simply lovely.
$11.59 at TextbookX.com