Celtic Cross Stitch Patterns & Designs

Celtic Embroidery Designs

An Overview Of Typical Patterns & Designs in Celtic Embroidery


Celtic Embroidery, all over the world is taken as a part of heritage. This legacy is known for ages and ages. The art of embroidery is so old that no one could ever state in history precisely how ancient it is. We have seen our mothers, our grand mothers and even their ancestors doing the embroidery, despite our regional differences.

You have seen them, I have seen them, and all most every one of us had. There are hundreds of stitches used in embroidery all over the world. But no matter where we live there is one thing common in us, we all have learned cross stitch as our first stitch in embroidery. It is easiest stitch to be taught. It needs the simplest and most easily obtainable supplies. No matter how much I praise cross stitch, it’s always less. Why?? Simple... it’s my favorite. 

Cross stitch like all other embroideries has impingement of the regions and civilizations. The cross stitch has diverse variations in its patterns; modern, ethnic, contemporary etc. But few regional patterns are more eminent for a reason or two. African cross stitch is famous for its ethnicity, Victorian for its classic look and Celtic for its intricacy.



Celtic embroidery is very ancient in its origin. It is renowned for its archetypal patterns, its convolution and its diversity of patterns. Celts were a nomadic tribe therefore they had impacts of different civilizations on their birthright. They adorned everything with patterns and motifs, even their armor. Their motifs and patterns had excessive details in them making them unique and presentable with pride. Celts had patterns related to everyday life. They had geometrical patterns, animals, zoomorphic patterns, mythological creatures, knots, alphabets, flowers and more. These patterns were not only used in embroideries they were also used on utensils, swords, shields, walls and even on bodies in the form of tattoos.


Now the question arises how can one avail such beautiful and inimitable patterns? If you have asked this question about 30 years back, I might have stumbled to answer it. But now it’s not at all a predicament for me. You can go to your nearest arts and craft store and purchase a Celtic cross stitch embroidery kit. You don’t have an arts and crafts store in the vicinity? Hmm ok, than go to a bookshop and get a book with patterns for Celtic cross stitch embroidery. What? You don’t want to leave the house? I still have an option for you. Order your kit online and if you don’t want to spend a penny on the pattern, search online for free celtic cross stitch patterns. You can find many of them, in every genus. Choose one according to your choice and your skill. So finally I’ve left no excuse for you to not to start a Celtic cross stitch embroidery. Come on what are you waiting for? Get up and get started.