Celtic Cross Stitch Patterns & Designs

Celtic Wedding Cross Stitch

Glow Your Wedding With Celtic Cross Stitch Embroidery

Wedding is a day of joy, of celebrations, of dreams coming true. What else can be more beautiful to see than people who love each other and are getting in a relationship? Everything seems so marvelous, so enchanting. Each and

every moment is cherished for the whole life time. When a person is getting into a knot he/ she wants the very best of everything on their new journey towards life. I once asked a friend of mine, how do you want to be your wedding like? She replied; I want everything to glow, to create mystic aura. I want it to look like a fairy tale wedding; ancient, graceful, mystic and memorable. It should be different from everyday weddings; I want to be……Celtic. Celtic?


And may be she was right. What else can be charming, ancient yet ethnic, elegant and eye catching, different yet exclusive, cheaper and romantic. Off course none other than an inimitable Celtic wedding cross stitch embroidery. You can get many celtic cross stitch patterns, themes, color schemes, modern celtic ideas and cross stitch charts for love and wedding. There are celtic patterns that are absolute bliss for eyes and a person to have them on her wedding. You can gift these celtic embroideries to your sister, friend, aunt, cousin, niece or anyone you want to on her wedding. These are not only wall hangings, but there are ideas for pillow covers, hanger covers, celtic cross stitch tapestries, gift pouches, greeting cards and more. There are also patterns to embellish dresses for the wedding day.


I’ve given reference to the few available websites that have pattern, charts, kits and ideas to make your wedding look like a Celtic princess’s wedding. You can even choose for your own wedding or your beloved friend’s to make few great items for her wedding. I was very young when I attended a wedding with the Celtic theme. The pieces that inspired me too much were the table covers with Celtic wedding cross stitch embroidery on them. I still remember it was beige background that had maroon and navy blue intricate Celtic cross stitch pattern embellished with golden and bronze metallic threads.


For more ideas and information you can visit these websites. You can look around for more websites and kits in the market. There are unlimited ideas available all around us. You can even consult the bride to get some ideas. And if you are the bride, than good luck for your wedding and the lovely Celtic theme.  And hey don’t forget to visit these sites. They are pretty good for patterns.