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Christmas Celtic Cross Stitch

Celtic Patterns & Motifs For Christmas Embroidery

Christmas is an occasion that holds an equal importance to everyone. None of us would like to skip the Christmas evening. It is an ideal time to meet your family and friends. We all wait whole year long for the Christmas and its holidays. I still have memories from my childhood that how my mother and her friends made preparations for the Christmas.


Christmas Celtic Cross Stitch
Designed by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum


I was seven years old when my mother taught me celtic cross stitch during my Christmas holidays. That was my first Christmas on which I made a cross stitch on the Christmas, it’s been ages now and I have never celebrated a Christmas without making one. I have tried so many types of cross stitch patterns but it was almost nine years back when I made my first Celtic cross stitch pattern, since then I’ve no longing for any other project. Celtic cross stitch embroidery is so addictive that if somebody tries it once, she may not have yearning for any other type of art. So why don’t you try one this time.


christmas cross stitch
Designed by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum


For a Christmas you can get so many patterns available in markets, bookstores and off course online. Lovely Christmas Celtic cross stitch patterns are available on unlimited sites. Right here I’m telling you about the few websites on which you can get these patterns.














































On these sites you can find Celtic patterns and motifs for Christmas and many other occasions as well. There is a wide range of products and patterns that you can get from here. You can get Christmas Celtic cross stitch charts, embroidery patterns, ideas, celtic kits and other ready made products on auctions. There is an entire range of patterns from a Celtic Christmas tree to a lady in a flowing gold brocaded red gown carries a wreath of candles, from Celtic Christmas candles to Holly flowers, from Celtic knot work to Celtic braids, from Santa Claus to Christmas angels and many more.


You can choose the pattern of your choice and can use in any project of your desire. But for your ease and convenience there are prefabricated kits for several purposes. You can even choose from them as well. You can get kits and charts for needle cushions, pencil cases, spectacle covers, cushions, pillow covers, napkins, wall hangings, greeting cards, clothing ideas regarding Christmas. There are several wonderful and eye catching ideas for the celtic tapestries that can adorn your room with their rich colors, intricate patterns and an indemonstrable exclusive charisma. Just imagine how much surprised will be your family and friends, when they’ll see a captivating and enthralling Christmas Celtic cross stitch artwork in your home.


I hope you have enough time before Christmas in which you can make an enchanting piece of Celtic cross stitch for your home and your family. You can even make small pincushions with Celtic cross stitch knot works to give as gifts to your beloved friends.