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Christmas Cross Stitch Patterns

Getting Celtic Cross Stitch Patterns For Christmas

Christmas comes with its utmost charm and the rich aura of colors. It is an event that has been celebrated for centuries and centuries but yet it has kept its paramount allure.  This event is well awaited by each and every person of every age. We all wait for gifts, parties, hangouts and Christmas evenings. You will agree to me that when Christmas is arriving, we all put our best effort to decorate our home and to give unique and valuable gifts, keeping them in our range.



What else can be cheaper, easier, unique, and artistic with its personal touch other than Christmas Celtic cross stitch embroidery? You don’t have to worry about the cross stitch pattern as there are many options available for everyone out there. Few of the special patterns without which the Christmas is not a Christmas, and I’ve made myself are mentioned here. Hope you’ll find them interesting enough to start your own embroidery projects for this Christmas.


·        Knot work


Knot work can be considered the primary reason for the Celtic cross stitch patterns to be so illustrious just about the Christmas. Though admired and cherished unremittingly, but they behold special importance in Christmas and its preparations. Celtic culture is bestowed with rich culture and interlacing patterns. These celtic knots cross stitch can be simple or complicated, but in either form they keep their elegance with diminutive details.


·        Santa Claus


Available in many sizes and many forms, Santa Claus are particularly designed for Christmas. This can be a simple pattern, and you can even get a convoluted pattern of Santa Claus with rich and intricate background and details.


·        Candles


What else could look so beautiful yet simple and easy on the Christmas other than beautiful golden candles with Celtic motifs on a navy blue background? Try making an intricate Celtic pattern with golden metallic thread on a plain candle pattern. It looks splendid.  


·        Christmas angels


Found in various designs and details. An angel can be alone or can be in groups. They both look marvelous. Comes in an assortment of sizes. Can be even full wall sized. There is no doubt that these patterns look more beautiful when they are bigger and have more intricate details in them. But never forget the fact if you are a beginner and always consider the time factor.


·        Lavender laces


I’ve never seen an English woman with no obsession for Lavender. We have it in our shampoos, soaps, deodorants, perfumes, air fresheners, potpourris and more. Then why not in our embroidery patterns? A simple lavender lace looks great on pillow covers, napkins and side frames.


·        Wreaths


Wreaths look fabulous. You can make a wreath of your choice in the pattern. Floral, dried or with anything in the pattern you can easily get. You can also choose one for the season.


·        Alphabets


Easiest choice for the beginners. Write only Marry Christmas in a traditional Christmas Celtic cross stitch pattern and you’ll see how beautiful it looks. You van write your name or any phrase or initials, anything you want to. Simple and a great idea. There are free chart generators for the celtic alphabets as well, get help from one of those to make your own pattern.


·        Christmas trees


Lovely moss green trees with different ornaments hanging on them. You can keep this Christmas tree all around the year in your home. Will never wilt, will never die.


·        Fruits, vegetables and eating good patterns


Also available are the patterns for eating goods. Cakes, pastries, fruits and vegetables. You can search for even more. I once made a fruit basket on Christmas for my dining room and everybody loved it.


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