Celtic Cross Stitch Patterns & Designs

Free Celtic Cross Stitch Pattern & Design

Getting Inspirations For Your Celtic Cross Stitch Projects From Free Patterns & Designs

Cross stitch like all other embroideries has impingement of the regions and civilizations. The cross stitch has diverse variations in its patterns; modern, ethnic, contemporary etc. But few regional patterns are more eminent for a reason or two. African cross stitch is famous for its ethnicity, Victorian for its classic look and Celtic for its intricacy. 

But the question arises from where to get these free Celtic cross stitch patterns and designs. You can look around in celtic stitch books, pattern books and all. For anyone who is unsure of the best place to get such stuff, internet is the best place to get them.

You can search for hundreds and thousands of free patterns for Celtic cross stitch embroidery. There are many options available everywhere but for your ease I’ve summarized few of them. On these sites you can not only get patterns, you can also get colored patterns to print, different celtic project ideas, designs and patterns, clip arts and you can also get free chart generator to make chart patterns for your upcoming project. Here are a few celtic cross stitch bookmark sites you can visit any time you want.


Whoever has a taste for Celtic art is for sure aware of the famous Celtic artist Cari Buziak. In this site he offers over 850 FREE Celtic clip art designs, cross stitch patterns, and Celtic fonts. This is a must visit site. I highly recommend you to look at his standards of art. He is really inspiring.


"Celtic or Knot"
This particular website has Celtic and Fantasy Clip arts by Howard Oliver. You can get clip arts from this site and then can transform any of these clip arts into chart generators available on other sites for free. Enjoy this site, you won’t be disappointed. Will love it I know.

Dave's Cave
 A complete trivia for Celtic art lovers. Awesome site as it offers not only free Celtic cross stitch patterns and designs but it also has soft wares, poetry and other Celtic art corners. It is a must visit website for all you who are obsessed with Celtic art and mythologies.


Deity Diva's Celtic Art
 An eye catching web page for Celtic art lovers. You will not only admire the Celtic free cross stitch charts, patterns and designs but you’ll also love the awesome range of stained glass and 3D projects. This site is worth visiting. You should take some time out for this site.


Eterna Silk

It is another lovely Celtic cross stitch design website. While you don’t have to make this design with their beautiful 100 percent silk threads, it does look really stunning stitched up that way. This site has very fine silk patterns. All you advanced embroiders can get ideas and Free Celtic cross stitch patterns and designs from here.