Celtic Cross Stitch Patterns & Designs

How To Cross Stitch - Basic Instructions

Lessons & Instructions For The Beginners In Celtic Cross Stitching

I hope now you are very well familiar with the celtic fabric types and other stitch supplies you need to have your own celtic cross stitch. Now its time for me to teach you how to do a cross stitch on your own. First I’ll tell you the basic stitches that are required to do a cross stitch.


1.      Cross Stitch Pattern


 Cross Stitch X Pattern     


This is a simple x-shaped stitch. It is the basic stitch and hence the embroidery got its name; Cross stitch. A cross stitch is very easy to make. Pass the needle with thread from one hole to the other diagonal hole at the corner of the square. Repeat with other two holes.



2.      Half Stitch Pattern


Half Stitch Pattern


There are actually two half stitches that overlap each other to make one cross stitch. This half stitch is also used as an individual stitch in few projects. Run the needle with the thread from one hole to the other diagonal hole at the corner of the square. This can be made in both directions; right and left.


3.      Quarter Stitch Pattern.


Quarter Stitch Pattern


A quarter stitch; as the name indicates is one quarter of the basic cross stitch. Four of these stitches conjoin to make one cross stitch. But generally it is used alone as the length varies depending upon the celtic cross stitch fabric. In Aida this goes from one hole to the centre of the Aida square. It is relatively difficult to do in Aida than in linens. This stitch is diversely used in diminutive celtic projects. This can be made in any of the four corners; using a corner hole to the centre of the square. Which side of the corner to use depends upon the pattern you have.



4.      Three Quarter Stitch Pattern


Three Quarter Stitch Pattern


A three quarter stitch as the name indicates is a three quarter part of a cross stitch. It is made with one half stitch and one quarter stitch. A three quarter stitch is commonly used to add details in the cross stitch pattern. This three quarter stitch is like a quarter stitch; difficult to make on Aida but easier for Linens, especially even weave linen. This can be made in various directions, depending upon the right or left half stitch and further depends on the quarter stitch whether it is used above half stitch or below the half stitch. You can learn it yourself with more practice.


5.      Back Stitch Pattern


Back Stitch Pattern


Back stitch is generally used to make boundaries around the patterns and or to write alphabets in the patterns. This is a straight line made in the centre of the square bisecting it into two equal halves. It can also be made from one hole to the other, which means it touches the border of the square. It runs in both directions, vertical and horizontal.


There are few things you should keep in mind while doing cross stitch embroidery. Choose the right sized needle. The needle should not be so thick that it opens the hole by parting the fabric; nether should be so thin that it easily falls down through a hole. Similarly the thickness of the thread should be considered in the same way. Secondly never use very long threads, they tangle up easily and are difficult to manage.